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Arq. Gretah Cerón

t: (55) 2726 6165


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GretArq emerged as a personal project to explore the world of architecture, 3D and digital photo realism.

It is my personal brand to be able to make myself known and with which I have been able to collaborate with various firms and clients to provide an adequate solution and conceptualize the designs.

Focused on the world of architecture, construction, interior design and design in general, offering various design proposals and forms of visual representation. Always with the commitment to offer the best service with the best quality and seriousness in the work.

The "Humanization of architecture" is always present so that the last user is the center of the design, this is how designs are created so it provides the greatest comfort and where all the activities can be developed in the best possible way. Resulting in habitable solutions tailored to each project, understanding the needs of each client and user in order to their dreams come true.

Gretah Cerón

Tel: (55) 2726 6165

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